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Model / Type : 1PF2G42O/100RA07MS

Condition : Used / Excellent

Product Description :

Rexroth-sigma Hydraulic gear pump

Maker: Rexroth-sigma

Model:  1PF2G42O/100RA07MS



Excellent condition pump

see also internal parts of this pump to know pump condition.

Pump is procured from ships store

Technical details:

Model: 1PF2G420/100RA07MS

Direction of rotation: clock wise

Shaft: parallel keyed 25 mm dia.

SAE suction and pressure port

Seal: NBR upto 80 degree C.

Displacement: 100 cm3/rev.

Max. continuous pressure: 2175 psi (150 bar)

Peak pressure: 2475 psi (170 bar)

RPM: 700-2700

Suction side: 50 mm dia.

Pressure side: 38 mm dia.