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Maker : Hydro-Vacuum

Model / Type : SKB2.02.1.1020

Condition : Used

Product Description :

Hydro-Vacuum s.a Self-priming Water Pump

Maker : Hydro-Vacuum

 Model: SKB2.02.1.1020



Good Working

See internal parts of pumps in photos

Application and

Self-priming SKB type centrifugal pumps with a side annular channel

and an open is used for pumping liquids in the corrosion resistance of materials 

used for there construction. the biggest advantage of SKB pumps is the ability

to self-priming without the need to prime the suction tube with liquid. 

The self-priming ability is obtained by the pump after it has been filled with liquid.

they can also work in portable devices

and with 50-60 Hz motors.


SKB pumps are used in:

water supply installations,

individual farms,