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Maker : IMO

Model / Type : ACF 90N4 IRBO

Condition : Reconditioned

Product Description :

IMO AB Triple screw pump

Maker : IMO

Model: ACF 90N4 IRBO



Good working

Mfg. 1997

Max. Differential pressure: 16 bar

The ACF pumps are used for a number of different fluids:

Lubrication oil, fuel oil, vegetable oil, hydraulic oil and other hydraulic fluids, glycols,polymers, emulsions, and any non-aggressive fluid with some lubricating properties.

Typical applications are:

• Lubrication of diesel engines, gears, gas and steam turbines, hydro turbines, paper machines. Main and prelube pump for diesel engines.

• Circulation for cooling and filtration in large  machineries and hydraulic systems, pumping transformer oil for insulation in transformers.

• Transfer onboard ships, in oil factories, refineries, tank farms etc.

• Filling of pressure chambers in hydraulic presses.

Fluid viscosity: 2‐1500 mm2/s.   Viscosity up to 5000 mm2/swith approval  from IMO AB.

Fluid temperature: Type Ixxx:  ‐20°C to 90°C.

Material and design:

Pump body: Grey cast iron

Power rotor: Carbon steel

Idler rotors:  Carbon steel

Shaft seal: Mechanical seal with rotating sealing ring and stationary seat in perlitic cast iron (surface treated).