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Maker : Rickmeier

Model / Type : R35/25 FL - V - DB-S0

Condition : Reconditioned

Product Description :


Type: R35/25 FL - V - DB-S0



Good working condition


RICKMEIER gear pumps are used in applications of oil hydraulics, lubrication technology and for the transport of the most different oils or lubricating liquids.

Typical fields of applications:


 General Engineering, apparatus construction, construction machines, mining industry, chemical industry, diesel engines, printing machines, electric motor construction, automotive engineering, gas turbines, gears, foundry technology, wood machining, industrial gear transmissions, refrigeration technology, compressor manufacturing, power generation, motor construction, paper machines, pump industry, shipbuilding, textile machines, compressor manufacturing, water turbines, rolling mills, tooling machines, wind energy generation, and cement plant construction.

Typical flow media:


 Used oil, ATF-oil, emulsions, diesel fuels, gear lubricant oil, heating fuel oil, hydraulic fluid, crankcase oil, polyglycol oil, polyalphaolefin oil, cutting oil, heavy oil, thermal oil, drawing compound. Other fluids on request.

Explanation of pump:


  • ·         Hydraulic gear pump
  • ·         Flange pump
  • ·         Cylindrical shaft end
  • ·         Max. set pressure : 16 bar
  • ·         Radial shaft seal
  • ·         Connecting dimensions: 1.1/2
  • ·         Rotating clockwise