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ALANG Ship Breaking Yard

Maker : IMO

Model / Type : ACE 038N3 NTBP

Condition : Reconditioned

Product Description :


Maker : IMO

Model :  ACE 038N3 NTBP

Condition : 

Unused pump in good condition 

Procured from ship recycling yard

Reconditioned pump


Good working

Just nameplate is damaged

Flow volume: 10 - 158 l/min

Max differential pressure: 16 bar 

Applications: Circulation, lubrication and transfer 

The ACE pump is used for a number of different fluids:

Lubrication oil, fuel oil, vegetable oil, hydraulic oil and other hydraulic fluids, polymers, emulsions and any non-aggressive fluid with sufficient lubricating properties. 



Typical applications are: 

- Lubrication of diesel engines, gears, gas and steam turbines, hydro turbines and paper machines 

- Circulation for cooling and filtration in large machineries, hydraulic systems and transformer oil for insulation in transformers 

- As transfer pumps onboard vessels, in power plants, oil factories, refineries, tank farms etc 

- Fuel supply duties for engines 

- Supply and circulation of fuel oil